We have extensive experience with a multitude of steel alloys and other metals. Our team of professionals has experience in the main types of welding for pipes and modules.  

We also manufacture a wide range of wrought metal components, each of which is produced with high-quality raw materials. Our approach stands out at every stage of our work planning, which is carried out with unparalleled quality. We are rigorous in quality control and compliance testing.

QUALIFAB is part of the important ELEM group.
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Mission and Values

Our mission

QUALIFAB has been part of ELEM since 2004, a large family that naturally shares a common mission and values.

ELEM is a unifying industry force that strives for the highest level of customer satisfaction in each of our projects. We offer exceptionally stimulating and caring careers for our employees—all while tapping into their potential and expertise. Our mantra is simple: dedication and a commitment to excellence, quality and rigour in all aspects of the business.

Our values


Accreditation and compliances


Régie du bâtiment du Québec



Canadian standards association

BNQ : Bureau de normalisation du Québec 

Canadian piping trades 


Our company takes the health and safety of employees to heart. 

That’s why we are committed to providing a work environment that meets the highest standards of integrity, safety and environmental protection so that we can all practice what we love to do in our careers with complete peace of mind.

In other words, the values and objectives of OHS are paramount in all our sectors of activity—without exception.

A close-knit team

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